Sunday, July 17, 2016

Model in easy suit with shorter jacket, lambskin gloves, hat, scarf, bag, all at Bonwit Teller, photo by Karen Radkai, Vogue, February 1956

Model in short fur jacket of alabaster-pale dyed musquash, photo by Helmut Newton, Vogue, December 1957

Myrtle Crawford and whippet sitting in Zephyr automobile, photo by Eugene Vernier, July 1957

Model in floral print evening dress by Susan Small clutches an alert Tibetan spaniel puppy, photo by Helmut Newton, August 1957

Model is wearing a camelhair suit by Matita that blends perfectly with the golden coat of the Pembroke corgi, photo by Hans Hammarskiöld, September 1954

Ivy Nicholson wears a melusine cap with black velvet bow and a black and white feather by Gérard Albouy, photo by Henry Clarke, January 1954

Model in stick-slim dress of thick herringbone tweed by Dorville is holding a lean and highly-bred Saluki, photo by Eugene Vernier, January 1956

Princess Lee Radziwill with Thomas, her pug, photo by Henry Clarke, August 1960
Lee Radziwill (née Bouvier) is the younger sister of Jacqueline Kennedy. Lee's first marriage ended in divorce, and her second, in 1959, was to Prince Stanislas Radziwill, an ex-pat Polish nobleman. Henry Clarke photographed her at Turville Grange, her eighteenth -century country house in the Thames valley, with her pug, Thomas, who would accompany her to tea at the Ritz. 

Model in halter-neck harem pajamas of purple silk crêpon at Christian Dior-London, photo by Norman Parkinson, October 1966

Ros Watkins (foreground) in Suedecraft 3/4 coat and Judy Dent on fence surrounded by hounds (Goathland pack) being walked by kennel huntsman Mr. Battersbee, photo by Frank Horvat, Oct. 1960

Veruschka and a St. Bernard in the Swiss Alps, photo by Franco Rubartelli, French Vogue, December 1968/January 1969.

Jill Kennington in fur anorak, Cossack hat and stretch gabardine pants all at Maxine Leighton Boutique, London, the dogs are Irish wolfhounds, photo by Eugene Vernier, January 1960

Jean Shrimpton, in Jean Muir's black maxi-dress, poses with a Borzoi, photo by David Bailey, September 1974

Lady Tavistock (née Henrietta Tiarsk) in mink coat by Maxwell Croft holds her Pekinese while Bambi her poodle looks on, behind is her brand new Volkswagen, photo by Eugene Vernier, 1965

Jean Shrimpton and her Yorkshire terrier Bertie (a gift of boyfriend David Bailey), photo by Eugene Vernier, February 1963

Regine Jaffry in Marc Bohan for Dior dress and diamond jewelry by Mauboussin with puppy leaning over her shoulder, photo by Chris von Wangenheim, French Vogue, December 1973

Model wearing bathrobe and cap with harlequin Great Dane look down from balcony, photo by Helmut Newton, French Vogue, July 1975

Scarlet-haired model is wearing scarlet jersey dress appliqued with sequined leaves by Adrian Cartmell, she is holding a white toy poodle, photo by Albert Watson, August 1979

Model in uncombed Mongolian lamb fur-lined coat and casquette by Balmain, photo by Norman Eales, 1960

Veruschka in white double-faced cashmere coat and trousers by Cerruti, photo by Helmut Newton, 1969

Close-up of model Ingrid Boulting for an advertisement for Biba cosmetics, photo by Sarah Moon, 1971

Jean Shrimpton in lettuce green pleated organza gown by Jules Crahay for Nina Ricci, photo by David Bailey, 1962

Tania Mallet in Bonnie Cashin's orange suede smock coat over hooded jersey dress striped in yellow and green, photo by Norman Eales for the Sunday Times, 1967

Yves Saint Laurent used the beguiling freshness of Provençale cottons for skirts deeply quilted at the hem, and matching head kerchiefs, photo by Norman Parkinson, Summer 1964

Model in dress and braid-trimmed jacket by Chanel, photo by Alec Murray for the London Times, 1958

Model in saddle-colored taffeta apres-midi dress worn with scoop-brimmed black velvet hat by Jacques Fath, photo by Bob Greene, 1951