Friday, February 27, 2015

Carmen Dell' Orefice, photo by Norman Parkinson, Vogue Beauty Book, 1951

"After Kees van Dongen", Adèle Collins wearing a red velvet toque by Otto Lucas and a flannel suit by Bazaar, photo by Norman Parkinson, Vogue, 1959

Anne Gunning, Vogue cover by Norman Parkinson, September 1956

Elizabeth Taylor wears diamond earrings and collar by Harry Winston for her 'Passion' perfume ad campaign, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1987

Yves Saint Laurent used the beguiling freshness of Provençale cottons for skirts deeply quilted at the hem, and matching head kerchiefs, photo by Norman Parkinson, Summer 1964

Model wears a white linen wind cap by Herbert Johnson to drive one of the first speedy Daimler Conquest Roadsters, photo by Norman Parkinson, British Vogue, 1955

Wenda Parkinson in satin evening dress by Molyneux, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1950, the car is a 1907 Silver Ghost, Rolls Royce

Wenda Parkinson in a Molyneux satin evening gown with a 1907 Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce, photo by Norman Parkinson, Vogue, April 1950

Tahiti Lilies, Brigitte Bauer wearing ribbon and butterfly chignon by Adolfo, arranged here by Kenneth, photo by Norman Parkinson, Vogue May 1965

Lady Marguerite Strickland photographed for an early advertisement for Matita fashions by Norman Parkinson, 1936

The Dees Triplets (Megan, Christina and Katha) in skirts and beaded tops by Lanvin-Castillo at the Paris Collections, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1964

Friday, February 20, 2015

Wenda Parkinson in a classic suit in clerical grey by Dorville, flannel hat by Simone Mirman, beaver muff by National Fur Co., Vogue 1952

Photo by Norman Parkinson, Harper's Bazaar, September 1938

Wenda, son Simon and Hope "Baba" Hatch, Connecticut, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1949

Wenda in a hand-knit cashmere twinset, the public bar, Hobnails Inn, Little Wasbourne, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1951

"Precision Built: Jets and Suits All British", suit by Hardy Amies, photo by Norman Parkinson, Vogue 1954

Cartwheel hat by Legroux Sisters, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1952

Photo by Norman Parkinson, Vogue, October 1959

"THE LEAD", Wenda Parkinson, photo by Norman Parkinson, Vogue 1940

Wenda Parkinson in Dior's knotted satin for evening, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1956

Model in short jacket and skirt by Isobel, photo by Norman Parkinson taken on the stands for the forthcoming coronation, 1937

Maria Gudmannsdottir in a green PVC jacket from V de V, photo by Norman Parkinson on the Camarque, 1964

Katherine Pastrie in black and white op-art suit by Nina Ricci, photo by Norman Parkinson, Vogue, September 1, 1965

Dresses for a wedding, by Victor Stiebel, taken from on top of a taxi in Eaton Terrace by Norman Parkinson, 1938

Wenda in a Scottish tweed suit by Sumrie, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1951

Wenda Rogerson (Mrs. Norman Parkinson 1923-1987) is wearing evening gown and manteau by Christian Dior, photo by Clifford Coffin, L'Opèra, Paris, February 1948

Tania Mallet in a reversible raincoat by Dannimac, Leighton Hall, Lancashire, Vogue March 1960

First nude in color photographed by Norman Parkinson of Carmen Dell' Orefice for the 1951 'Vogue Beauty Book'.

Linda Deganais modelling Dior make-up, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1973

Carmen in yellow oilskin smock from Captain O.M. Watts, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1961

Polka-dot fashion near Admiralty Arch, London, photo by Norman Parkinson, 1930s

Friday, February 13, 2015

Butterfly Series Blue, photo by Regina Relang, Munich, 1974

Models (Sylvia Dakis right) in bathing suits by Benger-Ribana, photo by Regina Relang for Madame, May 1963

Models Sylvia Dakis and Barbara Hersch at the Westbad Swimming Pool in Munich, photo by Regina Relang, 1963

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lydia at night in Berlin, photo by Regina Relang, 1954

Gitta Schilling in Balmain's cocktail dress from his "Perle Océane" collection, Spring 1959, photo by Regina Relang, 1959

Friday, February 6, 2015

Helga Viermann in hats by Ina Boeckler, photo by Regina Relang, 1957

At the races in Autieul, photo by Regina Relang, 1938-39

Model in a Persian lamb coat by Hansen Bang, photo by Regina Relang, 1942

Gisela Reismann, house-model for Heinz Oestergaard, shows a cocktail dress, photo by Regina Relang, Berlin, 1951

Actress Ursula Thiess (1924-2010), photo by Regina Relang, Munich 1950

Medusa headdress worn by German actress Ursula Thiess, photo by Regina Relang, Munich 1949

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Model in a dress by Elsa Schiaparelli, photo by Regina Relang, Paris, 1951

Alla posing in a dress by Fontana, photo by Regina Relang, Rome, 1949

Gisela Ebel in dress by Heinz Schulze-Varell, photo by Regina Relang, Munich, 1950

Model wearing a hat by Gérard Albouy, photo by Regina Relang, 1936

Model in evening dress, photo by Regina Relang, Berlin, 1963

Marie-Thérèse in Balmain's white ermine blouse, photo by Regina Relang, Paris, 1954

Model in beaded evening dress and jewelry by Langani, photo by Regina Relang, Berlin, 1963