Monday, May 18, 2015

Anne de Zogheb is wearing a late-day dress of shirred white silk matelassè with empire waist by Burke-Amey, patent leather thatched cartwheel hat by Halston, cover photo by Penn, Vogue March 1, 1963

Model is wearing a small black-veiled white hat by Irene, photo by Irving Penn, American Vogue, 1945

Régine Debrise (née d'Estribaud), wears Dior's soft woolen corselet dress with trumpet skirt, photo by Irving Penn, 1950

Dorothea McGowan in black and white houndstooth suit worn with black buckskin blouse and tie by Courrèges, photo by Irving Penn, 1961

Elise Daniels, wearing checked skirt and long black jacket by Lanvin-Castillo, is being sketched by Eric, photo by Irving Penn, 1947